Re: [Evolution] How to limit the mail size when we check it?

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 15:45, guenther wrote:

I'd like to have a functionality that allow me not to download email >
300 kbyte. I've seen there's a rule to do this but it doesn't work :(

I've set it to 100 kb, sent me a mail with an attachment of 250k and evo
download it anyway.

What 'rule' are you referring to? I assume the Filter rules, as I can't
think of other rules right now.

Those Filter rules are evaluated on already downloaded messages, to move
them for example.

There is no such option, to have a size limit of emails, but a feature
request is already filed in bugzilla AFAIK, so it will be added in
future releases.

Another way to do this is to use fetchmail.

1. Have fetchmail pick up your mail on a schedule (every 5 minutes, for
example), but only pick up messages that are short (set "limit 307200"
in .fetchmailrc)

2. Set Evolution to use local mailbox pickup instead of POP3.  You will
get an email whenever fetchmail leaves an "oversized" message on the

3. When you are ready to pick up the big messages, run fetchmail
manually with "fetchmail -l 0".

Regarding HTML messages, set up a filter to move HTML messages to
another folder or to delete them.  This has nothing to do with the
fetchmail limit and will work with or without it.


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