Re: [Evolution] Inline pictures in Evo 1.4.3

I can confirm this on my install of 1.4.3 on XD2/RH9.
You should probably open a bug Richard.  I looked at playing with my
file associations, but .jpeg was there.

I have a similiar problem with pdf files here (did not yet check for
images) that have been attached to a mail. I can only chose "save to
disk", although application/pdf is in my gnome-vfs.keys file, and the
applications associated (especially acroread) are installed. Maybe it is
a general problem with attachments and mimetypes? The attachment has the
mime type application/pdf and is base64 encoded (so Wouters commend
concerning UUEncode vs. Base64 can't apply here). Strange is: the icon
shown for the attachment is 100% correct, and the description shown
states: "PDF file (Adope Portable Document Format)" (yes, it says
"Adope" with "P" - some coders seem to consume certain things while
writing code #-° ) And I cannot find that misspelling in my gnome
mime-info - so where to look for? Maybe the solution for the problem is
to be found in the very same place...

Anything new about that - confirmed or even solved?


Itzchak Rehberg
"We have joy, we have fun, we boot Linux on our SUN..."

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