Re: [Evolution] Reading Multiple Messages

In case of evolution 1.4.0, I found an interesting thing.
I created a vfolder "unread" with condition "status"+"is not"+"read".
Well, it works -- gether all the unread messages.
But after I read them, they're still there. If I restart evolution, the
"unread" vfolder will be empty. That's what I want.

Suppose a message should be removed after reading it. Make sense?

Is it a bug or feature?


On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 12:33, Jeff Trefftzs wrote:
On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 20:59, Ralph Sanford wrote:

I have filed a bug #44476 regarding the inability to read the next
message smoothly after deleting the first message.   The response was
that this was not a bug.  The ability to smoothly read multiple messages
may be re-integrated into a future version of evolution, such as 1.6.

The suggested workaround from ximian was to use the preview screen to
read messages.  My workaround is to use evolution 1.2.4 and ignore 1.4. 
Or perhaps you could write a bug report that will get an earlier
response from ximian. 

Earlier today guenther suggested to me that I set up a virtual folder
for all unread messages.  I found this to work smoothly, as long as I
remember to cull the spam from my inbox.  (Everything else gets sorted
into its own folders first).  While I'm still using evo-1.2.2, this
might still work on 1.4.  Have you tried this approach?


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