[Evolution] unable to open the adressbook


I keep getting this error when I try to access the contacts folder.
Tasks and Calendar also give the same errors. I have tried everything I
have been able to find, downgraded to a recommended build of DB3,
tried installing from the Ximian installer nothing has resolved the
issue. I am currently reinstalled by the evolution RPM for redhat
rawhide. Any help available would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Redhat-rawhide

My local folders contain the following

        create-initial          -rw-r--r--
        folder-metadata.xml     -rw-r--r--
        calendar.ics            -rw-r--r--
        folder-metadata.xml     -rw-r--r--
        tasks.ics               -rw-r--r--
        folder-metadate.xml     -rw-r--r--

Sean Russell

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