[Evolution] Moving tasks between folders: Bug?

I've been setting up a number of task folders, and I've noticed an
annoying problem - I can't move tasks from one folder to another!  For
example, if I've created two folders:


And I create a new task in Work-todos, then realize that it is a
personal matter, I can't move the task (can't drag it, can't
cut-and-paste it, nothing!) from Work-todos to Personal-todos.

Is this a know bug?  Is there a workaround or a time to fix, or am I
just being stupid and missing something?

David L. Sifry
GPG Key: http://www.sifry.com/david/key.html
Key Fingerprint: 7E60 4EDE EB5F AA2D 2F25  8CD3 FE17 C4F8 BDE8 D1B0

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