[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] SIGSEGV on setting label - gdb output and analysis

Hi Jeff,

You'll note that EMsgPort has its own .lock member, which is acquired by
e_msgport_put(), e_msgport_get(), e_msgport_wait() and all other
routines before accessing or modifying the message port data. To me this
a pretty strong indication that this is a mailbox that is accessed by
multiple threads. Looks like a pretty standard client-server pattern,
where the server thread is sitting on top of a mailbox and dispatching
service requests from client threads.

I think EThread.lock is there just to protect the EThread member
variables. I don't know the code very well, so I could be completely off
the base, though.



On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 20:03, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
As you can see, there are two calls to e_dlist_length() to find out the
message queue length without locking it first. e_dlist_length() iterates
the whole message queue, which might be modified simultaneously by
another thread.

except that it can't be modified by another thread because a few lines
above the code you pasted, there is a:

pthread_mutex_lock (&e->mutex);

Note that (assuming I am reading the code correctly, anyway) the EThread
(e) *owns* the EMsgPort (e->server_port). This means that so long as we
don't access the EThread's EMsgPort directly (which we can't, note that
EThread is a private structure) or without first locking e->mutex, there
can be no "thread locking problems".

Simply put: so long as e->mutex is locked, accessing
e->server_port->queue is safe. There is no need to lock

So, this means that the only way problems could arise is if we modify
e->server_port->queue outside of a e->mutex lock. I scanned the code and
could not find evidence that this could occur.

I think that the corruption to this list may be more likely to just be
random memory corruption than a bug in the e-msgport.c code, but I'll
wait to see what Michael Zucchi says (he's the one that wrote this


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