[Evolution] Keybindings, hiding read messages, and attributions...


Is there a way to set read messages as hidden by default? I get tired of
changing folders and when returning, the first thing i do is hide the
read messages.

Secondly, are the keybindings configurable at all? When reading a
message selected in the index, we get a preview of the message contents.
I want to be able to press PgUp, or PgDn keys to page up or down the
message. What currently happens, is that the next or previous message is
selected, which is the same action as the Up and Down keys.

Thirdly, is it possible to configure your attribution string when
responding to messages? Just wondering if the quote string and/or the
attribution strings are configurable, 

Finally, I'd like to configure a key sequence to a shell command, with
the results inserted into my message. For example, coming from Mutt
(vim), I would read in the output of a command such as boxes, into my
message...is there a way I could achieve this in evolution, or perhaps
achieving something similar other than inserting a text file or


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