Re: [Evolution] Default Browser for Evolution

Il gio, 2003-01-02 alle 16:53, guenther ha scritto:
That's the main reason for which before I wanted to use Galeon instead
than Moz. BUT: last Moz version (1.2.1, but 1.2b too) looks like has
solved this problem: if you run 'mozilla' when another mozilla instance
is running, another window will be opened but running the same
instance/profile. So there's no more need to call mozilla by remote
functions, at least here on my box :-)

Strange, doesn't work for me. Calling mozilla from console when already
running gives me the profile selector.

But there still is a reason for a helping caller program: I have a small
perl script, so I get no new window but a new tab, when mozilla is
already running. :)

I've tried to make something similar but I'm pretty noobs to perl. I've
found how to send the new URL to another a new tabs instead than opening
a new window (it's a lot faster), but didn't know how to check if
mozilla is already running (in which case a new Moz window must be
instanced). Can you share your script? :-)

BTW: we are going from Evo to Moz questions, so I'll stop posting on the
mailing list regarding this subject. 

Massimiliano Bini <maxbini inwind it>

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