Re: [Evolution] How to delete attachment from saved message

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 04:41:57PM -0500, Mike Millson wrote:
Does anyone know if there are plans to support deleting attachments from
save messages in a future version of Evolution? Or do most people leave
files attached to the e-mail. 

Back when I was slummingit w/ Outlook, if you left your files attached,
there was a chance the .pst file would get corrupted and you would lose
your messages plus attachments. Saving them to disk was a way to back
them up. Plus I think files saved on the filesystem can be better
organized. But, maybe this isn't how other think. Maybe some people like
to leave files attached to the message? Can anyone indulge me w/ the
philosophy behind not supporting deleting files from saved messages?

1. evolution does not have the architecture to allow this sort of thing
and it'd probably be a royal pita to implement it properly.

2. if we did allow users to remove files from their messages, then the
messages would be altered and no longer verifiable via
pgp/smime/whatever. it also means that when we displayed the message, it
wouldn't necessarily display the way the sender meant for it to be sent.

3. what happens if a user removes an attachment only then to realise he
wants it back? oops. that'd be a royal pita to implement. you can never
get it back exactly the way it was, even if we allowed you to attach
files to received messages.

4. the concept just seems...wrong.

5. removing an attachment from a message stored in an mbox could take
considerable time, depending on the size of the mbox since we would
basically have to rewrite the entire folder everytime a user decided to
remove an attachment.

6. unlike Outlook, mbox corruption is not an issue as far as I'm aware.
(ie, no one has reported that their mbox files have been corrupted by



On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 18:42, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
No, this is not supported.


On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 17:35, Mike Millson wrote:
Is there any way to delete an attachment from a saved message? When
someone sends me a message, I like to save it to disk then delete the
attachment from the e-mail.

Thank you,

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