Re: [Evolution] News feed problem

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 15:21, guenther wrote:
If this doesn't work out, what's the News Feed that does not show up?

All of the news site that I add to the right pane show up as icons.

Are they predefined ones? Or custom? If custom, what is the URL you

They are all predefined I just add them from the left pane to the right

BTW, how can I add more weather report from others countries.

Tools / Settings / Summary Preferences / Weather

Select a location in the left tree and hit the "Add" button. "Apply".

I'm sorry for not being clear what I want to add is a country such as
thailand which didn't show under Asia.

You cannot add countries AFAIK. The Location has to be more specific.

From Memory: The locations are airports, identified by their respective
international airport ID. They provide the necessary data. Thus you
cannot have any city in the list, but only airports...

That said: There still may be some locations missing. If so, feel free
to mention them here or even better file them in bugzilla.
There are alot of cities missing. If you look at Asia continent there
are no Thailand,Laos,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippine,Burma...


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