[Evolution] evolution doesn't seem to handle inlined content securely


Am I right that evolution doesn't seem to do no better than outlook when
it comes to inlined data?

If you get an email sporting a line like

        <img src="cid:blablabla">

and attached you get a file with a

        Content-ID: blablabla

string, evolution tries to to display this stuff inline, no?

And since most of these attachements are virus today, the user is no
better off than an outlook user?!

Please correct me, if this isn't so! But, e.g. what happens, when you
receive an email with an attachment blabla.scr, and the mime type is
audio/wav, an this file is inlined by the above tag, then evolution
tries to view (play) it (of course it's not a wav file, just look at the
file suffix, it's just some viral code)?

There is obviously no button which you could press to view the
attachement, since it's getting viewed inline. Is there any way to
prevent evolution from doing so?

Best wishes,

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