Re: [Evolution] Inbox Font Control

Ralph Sanford wrote:

From Gnome control center; change the fonts in html viewer and that will
change the fonts that Evolution displays.  BTW, my wife has her 17 inch
monitor set to display 800x600 for even easier viewing with eyes that
are not as young as they once were.

The only Gnome control center that I could find in the RH 8 menus was labeled 
Preferences/Extras/Html Viewer, and I've already used it to set the desired 
fonts.  But, unfortunately, it seems not to affect the font used in the Inbox 
window of Evo.  I have been able to tweak font sizes in the compose window, 
and in the message window, but still *not* in the inbox itself.

There are other reasons for not degrading the screen resolution to, say, 
800x600, or I would  consider that possibility, too.

Any other suggestions -- and am I looking in the wrong place for the Gnome 
control center?


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