Re: [Evolution] bounce message...

ah, you know that you need control over a server, or a sympathetic
sysadmin to do server side spam filtering?  How about those who do not
have this, or the skill to set it up?  Clientside bounce would be a
*real* cool user friendly feature these days!


On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 06:59, simran wrote:
The bounce youa are refering to is a different type of bounce. 

One is a "redirect" of the mail (not changing any headers, except
possibly adding "Received" headers?) - the other is emulating
a server bounce (such as - "a user does not exist")... i think kmail
(from memory) has this "server bounce" feature and people use it to
"bounce" mail back to spammers, but in my opinion, its not something a
mail client (as opposed to a mail server) should be responsible for... 


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