Re: [Evolution] Re: evo 1.0.8

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 15:01, Alec Schramm wrote:

Fair enough.  But when I run rpm -q gtkhtml I'm told gtkhtml is
not installed.  So I go to the RH7.3 channel on red-carpet to 
load gtkhtml (and the library).  When I try to install, though, it
complains about what I interpret to be the inability to *down*grade.
Well, which is it:  is gtkhtml installed or not?

There are newer versions floating around that aren't named "gtkhtml",
e.g. the "gtkhtml1.1" in the beta and the development snapshots.  Try
something along the lines of "rpm -qa | grep gtkhtml".

-Mark Gordon

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