Re: [Evolution] Can't collapse folder tree

I saw some strangeness with this in the latest snap as well.  It was
actually in my folder tree in the Configuration screen for My Summary. 
Wonder if maybe something weird happened in the UI.


On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 17:57, Kenneth Porter wrote:
I've seen this in the distant past but not recently. Using the 9/23
snapshot, I'm trying to collapse one of my folder trees and it pops
right back open again. It was working fine earlier in the session. The
folder in question is a subfolder of the top-level namespace folder of
an IMAP connection (shiva sewingwitch com/mail/foo), but in the past
I've seen this with the local folders tree. Clicking on the '-' at any
level of the tree above the problem folder causes the tree to collapse
and immediately re-expand.

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