Re: [Evolution] and reading mail

I believe it was because it was agreed that a message-browser window was
for browsing a message and as such, didn't need next/prev buttons. A
message doesn't have a next or previous anything. This is what the main
window is for - it's a FolderBrowser... so it can have prev/next buttons
because well, it's for browsing a folder :-)

besides, I don't get why you need another window for that anyway. If all
you want is to not see the message-list, why not just shrink the
message-list pane? Does that not make more sense? Easier for the
programmers, just as easy for the users, everyone wins. Yay! And
next/prev work! Yay!

I think this feature comes from the idea of how mutt/pine and other
console clients are used... but luckily Evolution isn't a console client
and so you don't need that feature. It's just a fundamental difference
between the way console clients have to work and the way GUI clients


On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 04:44, Ian J Maude wrote:
On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 19:05, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
This functionality was removed on purpose.
I have got to ask why now I guess :-)
I found it perfect for my needs, without it evo is clumsy IMO.  Is there
a keyboard shortcut instead?  I tried P and N but to no avail.


On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 10:47, Ian J Maude wrote:
Hi all,
Just started updating again and have a little problem.  The previous and
next buttons seem to be missing when reading mail in a separate window. 
I do not like/use the preview pane.  This means I have to close one mail
before I can open another.. most annoying.  Is this just me or has
something happened that I missed?

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