RE: [Evolution] Learned to love Evolution but now disappointed


I just started using Evo(1.0.8)/gnome-pilot(0.1.66)/pilot-link(0.11.4) and I 
was having double entry problems when I would try to synch. I did a copy 
from palm on all my conduits, switched back to synchronize, and everything has 
worked since.

I think a copy to palm would accomplish the same thing...whichever one has the 
more current data. Don't know if it will fix your problem, but it can't 
hurt to try.

good luck,
Joseph Ruscio

===== Original Message From Dije DJ Mashao <daniel daniel eng uct ac za> 

I don't know if my problem is with gnome-pilot or pilot-link or
evolution. I used Debian unstable and pilot-link 0.11.3-6 and evolution
1.08. I have recently become aware that some of my appointments are
shown on the Evolution Calendar but do not appear on my pda. Entering
again causes double entries that appear on ECalendar but not on my pda.

I am using Handspring Visor.
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