Re: [Evolution] Sending messge from composer in 1.1.1

When you hit Send in the composer, the message does get queued in Outbox
but a thread is also queued to flush the Outbox, so you should not have
to wait for a Send&Receive.

Try this:

Send a message and then just wait a few seconds and you will see that it
does get sent.

The Outbox is just a temporary location for mail to be saved while the
message is being sent. A lot of users complained that Evolution didn't
do this in 1.0.8 and feared that Evolution would lose their messages -
it wouldn't, but they were afraid it would. To ease their fear, we just
made it save to Outbox first even though it wasn't truly necessary.


On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 16:00, Ted Pibil wrote:
I am testing 1.1.1 of Evolution and was wondering if there is a way of
having evolution send the e-mail immediately when the send button is
clicked in composer.  Currently the send button puts the message in the
sent folder queue and will be sent when Send/Receive is clicked.

I belive in the most recent versions of Evolution that the former was
the default method.

Thank you in advance.

Ted Pibil <tpibil comcast net>

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Jeffrey Stedfast
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