Re: [Evolution] IMAP Issues ...

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 01:12, Ryan P Skadberg wrote:
Oops, I think I mis-spoke here :)

I meant that it took 2-3 hours to load of the folder LIST on the left
hand side.  During this evolution was totally un-usable.  I have been
doing some testing on this all morning and it does NOT seem like it is
an evolution-mail issue (as it has the list done in less than min), but
it seems as if it is an issue with maybe gal or e-table or something.

If I run evolution-mail with verbose debugging, I see the folder list
all come up and then the main evolution process eats about 90% of my CPU
for a long long time.  I've been trying some different things to see
what is going on.  When I straced evolution, it was doing a lot of
writes, but it was stuff that was un-readable by me.


Sounds like a recent change made to the shell.  I knew it was slower,
much slower,  but didn't think it could stretch out to 2-3 hours. 
Particulalry since it was already extremely slow :-/

Something like this:

The strace is probably X traffic or something.

Is there any way that I could debug this better on my own?  Maybe a Gal
debug or something?

Probably not much.

I also know that I was doing some experiments with things I did last
week like unsubbing all my folders and re-subbing them, which took maybe
5-10 minutes in the past now has the same problem and takes a long
time.  It seems that whatever change caused this happened in the last
week or so.  Probably about 2 or 3 snapshots ago.


Once this problem is all done, folders load as quick as they always
have, so that was definitely not the issue, sorry if I caused some

Ahh cool.  Well, with a *lot* of messages, it could take a long time to
startup, we were worried that might be the problem.

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