[Evolution] Evolution 1.1.1 (unstable!) is out!

The first Beta release of Evolution 1.2 (aka version 1.1.1) has just
been released.

Evolution is the GNOME mail, calendar, and addressbook application.

Please note that this is an unstable BETA quality release.  It is not
very well tested, and might cause loss of data.  Before upgrading,
please make sure you read the release notes at


The purpose of this release is to have Evolution tested as much as
possible before it reaches the final 1.2 stage, so we encourage you to
give it a try, and keep those bug reports coming!  :-)

Evolution bug reports should be posted to the Ximian Bugzilla at:


Just like during the Evolution 1.0 Beta cycle, we will be giving prizes
to the best bug reporters, as detailed in the Evolution Developers' page




If you are using Ximian Gnome, you can install this version by 
subscribing to the Evolution Beta channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get 

If you do not have Ximian Gnome installed, you can download Evolution
binaries for various distributions from our FTP server:


The source tarballs are available at:



Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com>

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