Re: [Evolution] Check for duplicate messages

On Sat, 2002-09-14 at 08:39, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

Jeff and NotZed, together with a couple of less-frequently contributing
Ximian hackers, write a lot of sense, and I'd put this list at the top
of my "listening people" list.

But every now and again they write something that makes me raise my
palms to the air and go and do something else. Like the answer to the
request for a user ID on the printout, where the statement (more or
less), that "Ximian is not aware of any competition" is uttered as

heh :-)

I meant more direct competition as far as on Unix platforms (for which
there is no other groupware solution, there are, however, other mail
clients and so forth). And of course, if you count groupware solution
existing on every platform then we have a lot of competition (and we are
far behind in the race) :-)

Anyways, I've just tested Gnumeric and AbiWord and neither print out who
the author of the print job is. I think it'd be far better to have
consistancy accross all (at least Office-type) applications than some
printing the name of the person who printed and others not.

If I'm Just Wrong (tm), then well, it'd be easy to add I guess.

Actually, come to think of it - I don't think I'd *want* my name being
printed at the top of every page of my AbiWord printouts (I don't
actually ever print anything from AbiWord...but if I did...). For emails
I guess it doesn't matter, because it is probably just for your use only
anyway (whereas printing a document might not be).

I'm not sure how I fel about my name being printed at the top of each
Gnumeric printout because, again, I don't print anything ever anyway :-)

However, if Evolution *did* print user info at the top of each page when *still* need a way to tell who's document is printing
from AbiWord on the network printer or you'll have the same problem that
you had with Evolution when printing mail. And since you probably don't
want your name being printed at the top of each page there (if you are
like me at least), you'd want a banner page instead. If you've setup a
banner page, then you get the banner page for free when printing
messages from Evolution also and so no need for Evolution to print your
name at the top of each printout.

Anyways, as I said - it should be easy to add if it is one of those Must
Have features, but really I don't see the point. I'll leave it up to The
People Who Care to decide that.

Maybe Jeff and NotZed are over-worked.

very likely ;-)


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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