Re: [Evolution] Re: red carpet/evolution with RH

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 17:28, Alec Schramm wrote:
This is where Red Carpet is a big win.

I've avoided the Ximian Gnome install because it will play havoc with a
future upgrade of Red Hat. When 7.3 came out, the release notes made it
clear that an upgrade from 7.2 would probably break if Ximian Gnome
packages were in place. So I backed out the few Ximian packages I had
before the upgrade, and then reinstalled those I really wanted.

If you install Evo using Red Carpet, it will take care of getting
exactly the prerequisite Ximian packages you need, and no more.

Sorry to be dim, but I think it pays to make certain on this point.  
If I'm using RH 7.3 fresh, and then use Red Carpet to upgrade to a 
later version of Evolution, everything will be OK?  No mail folders or 
their contents will be lost? 


Note that installing rpm/deb/whatever packages *never* affect the user's
files, it *only* affects the system installation *ever*.


I, of course, use red-carpet for everything and don't have problems (I'm
on redhat 7.2 though, and I use Ximian GNOME). It's possible that maybe
the AbiWord package was broken, but who's package was it? if it was a
Ximian package, I'm sure the packagers would like to know about the
problem so they can fix it. Telling this list won't necessarily help
unless one of the packagers just happens to be reading the list that


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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