[Evolution] CVS IMAP

just committed a big imap patch to cvs evo.

1. if u use a server with a separator other than /, the urls will
change.  this will affect filters and vfolders on those servers.  it
will also effectively zero out any cached message data.
2. if you use any folders with non 7 bit characters, the urls may also
change as they will now be stored as utf8.
3. other users should not notice much else, except that they must
restart in online mode to reset their folder lists.  starting offline
mode will leave you with an empty folder list.

jeff is working on a migration script for 1.0.x users, which we hope to
integrate as an automatic step soon, this will probably also work for
some cvs users.

because of the size of the patch there are likely to be some problems. 
a fair amount of testing so far indicates the bugs fixed outweigh any
new ones, and hopefully any of those new ones can be cleared up soon.

the patch is required for:
 - canonicalise the folder paths/uri's inside the mailer code, so that
rename can work more reliably & eventually simplify other folder
path/shell related code.
 - allow servers with invalidly formatted folder names (e.g.created with
older versions of evoltuion) to be accessed more reliably from evolution
 - a first step in cleaning up some of the camel store api's, and
designing some related code required for other remote stores (e.g.
 - cleaning up some of the internal imap code.

while ive got everyones ear, i pranged my bicycle 3 weeks ago and
fractured the elbow-joint-end of a forearm bone in my right arm.  in a
sling for another 2 weeks or so and not supposed to use it at all, so
excuse the general brevity and mistypings to the lists.  blah!

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