Re: [Evolution] question about a bug/RFE in bugzila

A few days ago i wanted a filter that could check RBL's and spamcop
etc... Not Zed at ximian said:

1.2 lets you run an external script which accepts the message on
stdinput and returns a return code which can be used to select the
message for filtering.

I think this will serve your and my needs and much much much more. 

What we can do is setup a filter (that is at the topmost priority and
runs for every message) that runs an external command - i am planning
on running:

  "| spamassasin -P " 

or whatever the syntax ends up being... you can of course run a script
and report it to spamcop via your script. 

On Sat, 2002-08-31 at 01:20, Scott wrote:

Hello All,

before I added another RFE in bugzilla, I searched and found an existing
RFE for adding a button to report spam to SpamCop.  Which I currently do
through SquirrelMail, and it works well.  This is the one option that is
hindering me using Evolution exclusively for Mail/PIM.  Right now, I have
to use Evolution and SquirrelMail.


Reading that page, I am not sure if there is work being done on it or not.
 From what I can guesstimate it is not being worked on.

Can someone give me a status on this (or other similar things)?


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