Re: [Evolution] feature request or maybe just a hint

Which version are you using.
If you can use 1.1.2, you will have a checkbox to mark the program as
trusted on the first alarm display. After that it will not ask you
On a side note, I have a patch against 1.1.2 which allows you to use the
calendar summary as pgm arguments, if you need that info for your pgm.
This patch might go in after the code freeze, and if I ever find the
time to fill in a bug req.

Hope this helps,

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 20:22, HvR wrote:
i noticed that in the calendar alarm i can give a program that will be
executed when the alarm goes off, however before running it asks my
permission: not really helpful if i am not there to say yes, is there a
way to turn of the authorization request so it will always run?

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