[Evolution] Connector / Evolution hang on login

        I reported some time ago that when logging in to Exchange on Evolution,
the screen focus seems to lock ( you can't click on any other windows or
do anything in X) as soon as the password prompt window comes up. 
Unfortunately I didn't know the correct way to send trace information so
this got dropped.  I'm currently running the latest Evolution snapshot
and Connector v1.2 beta 2 and I'm still seeing this.  Just to note, I
have found a work around which may shed some light on the source of this
problem.  If I first select my local inbox and then click "Send /
Receive", it will prompt me for my password and this works!  

        I have also upgraded to RedHat 8.0 final at this point.  Before I was
running the NULL beta.

Thanks in advance,

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