Re: [Evolution] how can i use evolution for mailto: links in browsers

When I looked at doing this same thing months ago, it wasn't possible
due to this simply not being an option in mozilla on UNIX.  What you're
looking for sort of works if you use Galeon (I say sort of because it
used to work perfectly, but now even though I have evolution checked in
Galeon's prefs as my mailto: handler, it still pops mozilla's mail
client).  The other answer is to use protozilla
(, though when last I used it, its
installation required it to be in the global mozilla install directory
(a bit ugly).

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 00:05, HvR wrote:
i am browsing a page and hit a mailto: link when i click on it the
mozilla build-in emailer comes up, i dont want that, instead i want to
use the evolution emailer, anyone one know how to do this?

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