Re: [Evolution] Remove from server when deleted from trash locally option?

No, I'm afraid it won't. The short response is "that's what IMAP (and IMAP caching) is for." The long response is almost the same: basically, there's not that much benefit in abusing the POP protocol to make it work like IMAP, when we already have IMAP. That feature, in other words, exists with a different name.

That is, however, a good item for the design-decisions whitepaper I'm working on, tentatively titled "Why Did You Do it That Way?"

Does anyone else on the Evolve list have any other suggestions-- design decisions that are often questioned?

Right now I have:

Why don't vFolders update when I'm not looking at them? (Performance reasons).
Why does my text-based email appear to be laid out in HTML? (So you can switch between HTML and text easily)
Why don't you have the "Delete from POP server after deleted locally" feature? (See above).

and a couple of others I can't remember off the top of my head.


On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 12:25 AM, Nick Larkin wrote:


I apologize, as I'm sure that this has been asked several times, but I
couldn't really find anything in the archives. I know this feature
isn't available on 1.0.8, but will it be included in a future release?

Thanks a lot,


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