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Is there _any_ way for Debian Woody/Sid users to obtain the connector
plugin for evolution?

I know that the distributions are not officially supported (which
strikes me as slightly odd, since potato was outdated more than three
months ago), but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Got the red-carpet deb for potato, installed fine, but then failed to
identify my distribution and died (see bug #32219).

Alright, maybe replacing libredcarpet with the latest cvs version would
help (as stated in the bug report). Downloaded that, tried to compile,
was notified that it needs gnome-common to compile... *sigh*
Got that too, tried to compile, latest pkg-config appeared to be
missing, configuration failed...

That's when I gave up...

Now I don't quite see the point in spending days browsing through
bug-reports, trying te get stuff compile and all the rest of it, just to
be able to download a bloody package, while the tools that come with the
dist are working perfectly well. Not to mention to litter the current
installation with heaps of cvs compiles.

Somebody has to explain the benefits of this to me sometime...

Sorry if this sounds like a rant (well, it is) but after the euphoria of
finally being able to connect to our exchange server I'm somewhat
disappointed by now...

Btw is it legally possible to have somebody else (i.e. a potato user)
download the package for me? If so, anybody out there able to help me?
I'd be eternally grateful...

Markus Irle
Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH
Softwarepark Hagenberg, Hauptstrasse 99
A-4232 Hagenberg, Austria
Tel.:   +43 7236 3343 856
Fax:    +43 7236 3343 888

"Historically speaking, the presence of wheels in Unix has never
their reinvention." - Larry Wall

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