[Evolution] Evolution issues...

I have been running Evolution for the better part of a year, and I have
noticed several small annoying things that I have never had time to
address. For instance, it seemed you could spend hours setting up
filters, and Evolution would do whatever it damned well pleased. For
instance, I had a killfile set up, but I would see messages that
fulfilled the criteria to end up in the killfile in the regular folders,
and I would see messages that were completely unrelated end up in the

Well, this has come to a head. It appears that Evo has completely lost
its mind. I have had many of these same rules from day one of using it,
and have not changed anything. First I noticed that the messages from a
newsletter taht I get were showing up in my Inbox. I could manually copy
them over, but nothing I did would change the fact that they wound up in
my inbox. Now I am seeing messages from about 8 of my folders into the

Why are messages going directly into the inbox rather than into the
proper folder as they are supposed to?

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