[Evolution] Don't delete your IMAP folders - News at 11

It has just come to my attention today that deleting IMAP folders may be
hazardous to your health.

Versions known to be affected:

- Today's Evolution snapshot
- Evolution snaps for god knows how long

For safety's sake, might want to be cautious of deleting IMAP folders in
1.1.1 as well. I don't think this version is actually affected, but it's
probably not worth the risk.


Deleting an IMAP folder will also cause its parent folder (and its
parent folder (and its parent folder (ad nausium))) to be deleted.



Assuming one has that folder tree structure, deleting the folder
"Folder" would not only delete Folder and "Subfolder" (as would be
expected), but would consequently delete "Parent" and "INBOX" as well.

Yes, pain. Very much pain. Almost as much pain as my aggressive inline
skating accident. Skinned fingers anyone?

It is strongly suggested that you *not* try this at home.


I've submitted a patch to evolution-patches ximian com for review but it
us not likely that tomorrow's snapshots will be immune to this bug.

I believe we are holding the 1.1.2 beta2 release until this patch goes
in (or another patch to fix this problem), however, so when 1.1.2
finally is released, this should no longer be a problem.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  - www.ximian.com

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