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you need to use the Evolution conduits (EADDRESS, ETODO, ECALENDAR) to
restore the evolution data (addressbook, todo list, calendar) with "copy
to pilot" set and sync once.  

I you are talking about programs and data from other DBs I think you
should use pilot-xfer (i.e. 'pilot-xfer -i *.db' from your Palm backup
dir.) from the pilot-link suite.

So basically if you want to "clone" the data from one palm to another

- backup the 1st palm to /some-dir : 'pilot-xfer -b /some-dir'
- restore to the 2nd palm: 'pilot-xfer -i /some-dir/*.db'

Make sure gpilotd is not running while you use pilot-xfer.  This way you
don't have to use the Evo conduits at all.  You can skip step 1 if you
have used the gpilot backup conduit.  It simply copies all the db files
to the specified dir.

Good luck,


On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 16:45, c.c. wrote:

i got a new palm os on my companies palm, but now i've to restore my own
datas and programs. in the controlcenter i only find a backup-conduit,
but no restore-funktion. how i've to do a restore with evo?


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