Re: [Evolution] Importing .ics files into Calendar loses recurring appointments.

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 06:14, Michael-John Anthony wrote:

Importing an exported SunONE calendar file (*.ics) into Evolution works
for the main part, but recurring appointments don't get imported. At

Is this known behaviour?

How can I get more information from the calendar component for


      - Michael-John.

I haven't heard of this before and was unable to find anything about it
at .  I was unable to reproduce this using
*.ics files produced by Evolution; I don't have SunONE available for
testing purposes.  As far as I know, it might be specific to SunONE or
the contents of this particular file.  You might be able to get
debugging information by quitting evolution (running killev probably
isn't a bad idea), running evolution-calendar-importer in a terminal
window, starting evolution, and seeing whether anything interesting gets
dumped to the terminal.

Mark Gordon <mtgordon ximian com>

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