[Evolution] Problems with Evolution 1.2!

I spoke too soon in my previous, laudatory message on 1.2!

I am sending this note using Kmail, because Evolution will not let me send 
email.  Each time I want to send a message, I get this notice:

Error while performing operation.
DATA response error.  No recipients have been specified

The unset letter is then put in my Outbox, but there is an address in the 
recipient blank.  I try to send it again, I get a copy in the Outbox and no 
mail is sent!

When I try to write e-mail, there is no addressee listed on the addressee 
line, even though I pout in a letter or two that should have popped up some 
addresses from the Contacts list.  I click on the To: button and find that 
there is no list.  There is a selection for all categories, which I click and 
then select the same on the list of selection presented, after which all the 
contacts show up.

Please send help!

dj tuchler

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