Re: [Evolution] applying Bayesian spam filter

There's no way to do this currently.


On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 10:27, Monte Ohrt wrote:

I'm attempting to apply a Bayesion spam filter to evolution e-mails.
specifically, bogofilter (

Applying it to incoming e-mail is fairly trivial via a filter, pipe the
message to a shell command and dump it to a Spam folder depending on the
return value. But I need a way to send already-filtered e-mail messages
to a shell command with a hotkey, or from a menu. This way I can make
the filter "learn" spam that it missed, or messages thought to be spam
that are not.

What would be best is if I could setup a "hotkey" filter. Then when I
highlight the message and hit the hotkey, it executes the filter which
would execute the shell command and move the message to the appropriate

Any ideas?


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