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He guys. Thanks for trading some mails about this deal. I got this jpeg just
fine (it's a little blurry...).  ;-)  Sorry I haven't sent a response back
sooner, but I've been in the process of reformatting my Linux partition to
clean it up and install Red Hat 8.0 (and I'm STILL in the process). My Dad
said that there was an option in his Mac e-mail client to send with "Apple
for Everybody" or something like that (rather than UUEncode). It came across
just fine. I can't remember what the setting was exactly (all my e-mails
didn't get backed up with the reformat), but it was something that I put in
quotes up there.

Does that make any sense?
Can I get you some more info, anything you need?


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test jpeg sent from OS X

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