Re: [Evolution] Drag and drop from nautilus broke?

Sounds like a bug, but it could be at either end of the dnd process.

Although '#' is used as the shell comment, so you can't type the
filename in a shell command line directly without escaping it, there is
nothing in the filesystem preventing you using it (emacs uses #'s in
backup files).

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 08:20, John Weber wrote:

Evo 1.0.5, Rh7.1, nautilus 1.0.6, all updates done with red carpet.

Drag and drop of files to attach from nautilus to evolution compose
window seems to not work if there's a # sign in the file name. Doesn't
work from gmc either. The error from gmc says the file does not exist
and the name is truncated before the #.

Drag and drop from gmc to nautilus works OK with these files. Doesn't
work from nautilus to gmc. Works OK within nautilus or between 2
nautilus windows.

Known bug? Should I quit using # signs in file names?


John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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