Re: [Evolution] HELO response eror

See rfc821, it looks like HELO *must* be implemented.

What is the error code?  Run:

CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 evolution-mail

in a separate terminal then run evolution and send a mail, it should
show the server transaction log.

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 01:22, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Your SMTP server is broken.


On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 03:03, Torgny Rasmark wrote:
Whenever I send a message I get the following error:
Error while sending '[subjectline]'
HELO response error: Command not implemented: non-fatal

Then the composition window returns. When I close it I'm warned that :
"This message has not been sent.
Do you whish to save your changes?"

This is an error in itself since the message IS sent but somehow
Evolution believes its own lies since the message doesn't show up in the

Has the HELO error got something to do with the mailserver not
understanding commands from Evolution or what is going on here. Is this


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evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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