Re: [Evolution] Could not parse MIME message

A multipart/mixed mime part MAY NOT be encoded using base64 or
quoted-printable or any other encoding for that matter. These messages
are broken according to the mime specification.

Other mail software doesn't handle them either.


On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 21:40, Kenn Munro wrote:
I receive some emails sent with Content-Transfer-Encode: base64 and
Content-Type: multipart/mixed.  When viewing them in Evolution, it says:
"Could not parse MIME message. Displaying as source."  And then it shows
the encoded stuff.

Is this behavior normal?  Is there any way to have Evolution decode
these and be able to view them inline or save them as an attachment?

I can save the encoded stuff to a text file and decode it manually using
mimencode -u.

I'm using Evolution on Red Hat 7.2.



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