Re: [Evolution] vFolders: 'Sent' manual reset bug

This has already been addressed in later versions. It might even be
solved in 1.0.8.


On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 22:46, Julian Florance wrote:
Have you guys noticed that Virtual Folders that include the 'Sent'
folder [either via 'Specific Folder' entry, or 'All Local Folders'
directive] do not actually include mail in that folder when you first
start Evolution?

The only way to get the 'Sent' items to show in the vFolders is to edit
the vFolder in some way, to get it to reload. 

For example, I usually edit the vFolder and change the 'Specific Folders
Only' directive to 'All Local Folders' or any of the other options, and
then reset it back to 'Specific Folders Only'. You don't need to click
OK or anything between changes. Once you've changed something and then
put it back, click OK, and then OK again. The vFolder will reload, and
the 'Sent' stuff will be displayed as well.

Is there a way to fix this?


Julian Florance

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