Re: [Evolution] Bug? moved messages remain unread(though deleted) in original folder



On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 15:11, jerm wrote:
Let me explain: 

I created a new folder for this mailing list after i'd gotten about 40
messages from it.  Before i created the filter to move messages there
automatically, i selected all of the messages, still unread, and dragged
them all to the new folder.  This put them in the new folder all nicely,
and it deleted them (in the imap pseudo-delete fashion) from the INBOX. 

However, the messages that had been deleted from the original folder,
though marked as deleted, as still marked as unread.

I wouldn't care if they didn't still count toward total unread messages
for that folder in the folder list.

Auto-move through the filters seems to work ok, and delecting these
messages (while viewing deleted messages) and hitting delete marks them
as read in much the same way as deleting them normally does, and as
moving them should (i imagine).

Did i mess up my config or can others reproduce this? It's certainly not
a showstopper, but it is annoying.


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