[Evolution] Unable to send mail to person ozemail com au


I'm having a strange problem.

I've sent a message to the OpenOffice.org list and now I would to send a
slightly edited version to someone who is working on a related problem.

However every time I try to send the message I get the following error:
Error performing operation:
DATA response error: message termination: Requested action not taken:
mailbox unavailable: mail not sent

I've sent the exact same message to another mail-account of mine and
even to niemand ergens com (niemand is the dutch for nobody) to check if
Evo somehow checked for invalid addresses or something.  I got a
mailer-daemon error (off course) but I was able to send the message!

Could the problem be that this address is '@ozemail.com.au'?

I have tried to copy paste the text to a new message (to avoid the
problem I experienced before about Evo saving settings in the outbox),
but that didn't help.

I can send other mail just fine, any ideas about what's going on?

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