Re: [Evolution] unreplied messages

Try clicking on it, and using 'hide selected messages' from the view

It works incrementally, i guess the only problem is if the setting is
reset (e.g. you run 'show hidden messages').

In 1.1 we have a number of ways to do things like this, you can flag a
message for followup as you read them, and then vfolder on that flag (i
think) (this includes reminders to reply), or you can label the messages
as 'important' (as opposed to or in addition to '!' important), then you
can vfolder on "important and unanswered" (you can do that for '!'
important in 1.0.x too).

You could for example, set the important flag on anything going into
important folders (or with 1.1.x you can give it some other label). 
They will automatically be set unanswered.  If you dont care about the
message, then re-label them.

But some of these approaches clutter your important mails with ones that
aren't, etc.

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 18:34, Martin Hajduch wrote:

i have one question - i have created vfolder named 'Unreplied messages';
it is filtering emails from all 'important' accounts which does not
belong to any mailing list and i haven't replied to them - it is a great
way for me to keep track on all important mail messages which i should
read and possibly replay

however - sometimes i don't want to reply to them, it may be answer to
my replay or so, i would like to 'hide' them somehow - for example by
setting replied flag (which would hide them because of filter rules for
the vfolder)

is there a way how this could be done (set replied flag manually or
'hide' message from vfolder) ? does anybody else uses something similar
but more clever ?


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