Re: [Evolution] Spam Filter


Perhaps Evolution can be set up to include several rules for filtering
spam automatically. A simple question during setup "would you like to
activate the default spam filters?" or something like that could then be
used to activate them or not.

If these rules would be like normal rules (Tools>Filters) they could
very easily be edited and/or updated.

In addition it might be useful to have some database people could send
their spam-filter-rules to, so that the most frequently suggested
filters can be added to future versions.

The filtered mail would then be sent to a special spam-folder. I also
liked the suggestions of marking the mail as read and/or unimportant or
even the suggested special "spam"-tab.

I'm only afraid that setting such a service up would require too much
work, if it doesn't, I think it would be a nice feature.

I'm not having a big "spam-problem" at the moment, I only recently
changed my e-mail address but also I have been "educating" :) my friends
- well actually I've kept nagging them about it :).

I asked them not to send me chain-letters, explained them how they could
easily and quickly separate virus-warnings from virus-hoaxes, and (in my
opinion one of the most important things) asked them to delete as much
e-mail addresses from mails they forward as possible and to use the BCC
option when forwarding mails...

BTW, Eudora has a feature that I really like, you can create a list of
contacts and assign a general name to it e.g. "colleagues", this general
names is then shown as the "to"-field for every recipient.  Does
Evolution has a similar option?

Thx, I hope you will find these comments interesting!


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