Re: [Evolution] Spam Issues

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 10:38, Patrick J. Doland wrote:
Not everyone using Evolution is administering the mail server. 

A lot of people find fetchmail a suitable solution (personally i dont
like it).  Which basically moves your 'mail server' to being local and

That's why I'd rather just use filters inside of Evolution.

I dont use any filters myself for this, I just get the spam to test
evolution's rendering abilities ...

You could try filters like:
 - all caps in the subject line
 - anything with koerean/chinese/russian character sets
 - anythign with 'money' 'investement' 'mortgage' 'SPAM' 'sex' etc in

And as stated earlier, with 1.1 you can pipe the message to an external
program which can indicate if the message matched some rule.

Maybe one day we'll have full scheme expressions for the filters which
would let it be more complete, but not currently.

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