Re: [Evolution] Evolution on OS X problem

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 23:19, Jeff Self wrote:
--- Not Zed <notzed ximian com> wrote:
On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 03:22, Jeff Self wrote:

--- Emmanuel Tychon <etychon cisco com> wrote:
On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 16:50, Jeff Self wrote:

host: (the ip address of my
username: jeff

Configuring such an IP address as the
destination is
a bad thing (tm).
Should, for some reason, your IP address change
your stuff will not
work anymore. You can use '', which is
loopback, and that
always works even if you do not have any
network adapter.

Error while 'Opening store

imap://jeff 192 168 0 100/;use_lsub;check_all':
Host lookup failed: host not

Aha, it seems he tries to resolve the host name
'', which
is already resolved. What if you use 'localhost'
instead of

This isn't the problem, getshostbyname works fine
for ip addresses.

localhost's ip is, so it may (or may
solve your issue.


I can't use localhost or because the
server is a different machine. I'm trying to
the imap server from my laptop. Mozilla on OS X
has no
problem connecting to I'll try
to see if Mozilla under X Windows can connect.

Well if everything else resolves addresses, I dont
see why evolution
wouldn't.  Unless there are some libc problems with
the interfaces we're

Well I setup Mozilla under X Windows to connect to my
imap server and it worked just like Mozilla under OS
X. So there's some kind of problem with Evolution
under X Windows on OS X. I've got Evolution 1.0.7

Maybe Mac OS X is lame in that passing an ip addres to gethostbyname
doesn't work like it does on every other Unix system (danw was saying
something like this earlier today). *shrug*


PS Jeff Self's mailer is a good example of why people shouldn't be able
to configure their mail client to wrap at any width they choose.
Wrapping at 50 columns is EXTREMELY annoying to read.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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