Re: [Evolution] sync

hi guys !

rsync is your friend:

i don't think so
if i would always add contacts only on one PC and would like to have it
in sync with another then yes - rsync would be perfect
but i want to work with both instances of evolution;
just imagine the following situation: home pc and office pc, both
running evolution, and i have local phone calls free of charge on sunday
this means - i want to use this time to sync my evolutions, but during
the week i could add new data two both home and office PCs ... if i do
rsync, changes in one instance will be lost, won't they ?

  rsync is a file transfer program for Unix systems. rsync uses the

exactly - rsync is a file transfer program ... it is more like rcp but
with better bandwidth usage
however - to sync two evolutions, i need to 'merge' them, not to
transfer data from one of them to the other

what about sync with any web office ?

I am not sure what you mean by that.

i have a web office on; it has email box, contacts and
there was an application (a derivate of intellisync - palm users know
it) which was able to sync ms outlook (also other apps but i was using
outlook and i don't remember the others...) with this office
so you could do this synce once a week and you would have your
contacts&calendar accessible from any inet cafe
is there any 'free' protocol to such sync (can ldap do that ?) ? is
there any web office supporting such 'free' protocol ? - it's not a
request, just a question ;-)


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