Re: [Evolution] Local store for IMAP accounts

On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 09:52, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Sun, 2002-06-30 at 16:35, Richard Zach wrote:
The code still needs some work :-/

Yes.  I had to use evolution over a dialup line for a few weeks, and it
wasn't the best user experience.

Its also *really slow* in my experience (as soon as you get anything
with attachments).

1. The "work offline" state is not persistent. If you go to "work
offline", then exit evolution, then start up again, it'll be in online
mode.  That means, you can't start evolution (and work offline) without
bringing up the ppp link first.  If there's no network connectivity,
evolution should perhaps go into offline mode anyway, regardless of
wwhether you were offline when you last exited or not.

Hmm, does cancelling the connection and changing to offline mode work at
all ...?

2. I haven't figured out when this happens, but every so often,
evolution will query the server for the headers of the entire inbox
(it'll say "opening folder", "downloading header information for new
messages" etc in the status line. In the process, it loses all the
cached messages; when you go offline now you can only look at the
messages that you've opened/previewed since evolution rescanned the

the IMAP server probably changed the UIDVALIDITY tag, which means that
the IMAP server has assigned brand new UIDs to each message in that
particular folder. This can happen at any time.

The only thing we can do is re-download all the headers.

And ... lose all the cached messages.

*if* that is the cause, then there isn't much we can do about it.

3. The last (most recent) message in the folder is not avaliable
offline.  Get a new message, select it so it shows in the preview pane,
then go offline. Now select another message (which is cached), then the
most recent one again and you get a "not available" error.

only the INBOX is cached in 1.0.x, I think 1.2.x will do any folder(s)
you choose.

Yeah but thats irrelevent :)  All messages you view, in any folder,
should be cached.  Just sounds like a bug, although it sounds a bit
weird, because afaik messages are stored on disk and then viewed from
there (then again maybe they're not).

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