Re: [Evolution] E 1.0.1, Red-Carpet & SuSE 7.2


I discovered the same issue last week and got quick help from the Ximiam
team :-). You can get an libiconv RPM package from After
installing the package (only temprorary till the dependency is removed),
you can upgrade to Evolution 1.0.1. This eMail is written with Evo 1.0.1
on a SuSE 7.2 system.

Best regards,
Uwe Stieber

I'am using SuSE 7.2 with KDE (will switch back to Gnome soon) and
Evolution 1.0. It's not possible to change to the new version of E,
because there is missing.

 Red-Carpet output:
 Package gtkhtml needs package which cannot be found.
 Package libgtkhtml20 needs package which cannot be found.
 Package evolution needs package which cannot be found.
 Package libgal19 needs package which cannot be found.

There were one or two questions about this issue in the last days, but
none was answered (or did I miss the answers?). Is there already any
solution? Any hints?


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