Re: [Evolution] Kill List?

This would be nice.  In the old nn (no news) days, I had quite the kill
file for Usenet.  It seems like with the power of vFilters, it would be

Right-click -> Create kill filter

Kill line ->  Based on Subject
                       Message Body:

Then it populates a vFilter with a move to TRASH with the search
field(s) listed and populated (as best you can).

So, after reading this, I thought hmmm maybe its already there.

And it sorta is.

If a) You are using a pane, and b) the message is in the pane, then
there is a "create rule from message" option, and there are "rules"
which I guess create vFolders, and Filters, which can do actions.

So the above is 95% there, all you need is

a)  Fix the right click options to not require the message be in the
pane (and works without panes) (this is dumb, as most SPAM never gets
opened by me, and I do not use the pane).
b)  Add a "kill" filter that "deletes the mail".  It would be a copy of
the ones already there, minus the mailing list option
c)  Add keyboard short cuts to speed this up
d)  As a future feature, add an option that kill deletes, or moves to a
e)  And a further future feature, pre-build SPAM filters within Evo. 
That would be a killer selling point.  Perhaps even a subscription
service ala spamcop/net nanny.


On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 19:06, Steven Tryon wrote:
Not that I've seen at any rate.  'Twould be easy enough to build the
equivalent with a twit filter looking for sender contains nasty1 or
sender contains nasty2 etc.


On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 20:41, Jim Meyer wrote:

Is there anything resembling an old-fashioned kill list? I used to use
that to sift out the spam.
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